About Us

About us

Due to employees’ demand for acquiring soft skills as well as foreign language skills so that they can  meet the increasingly demanding recruitment conditions of enterprises, Duy Tan University officially launched the Learning and Testing Center.

Learning & Testing Center (LTC) is located at 5th Floor, 254 Nguyen Van Linh, Danang City. Developed with modern facilities, committed and qualified force of local and foreign teachers, and various high-quality training programs, LTC center will be a golden address offering prestigious and thorough support for students and workers in Da Nang and in the central Vietnam to improve their English and Japanese proficiency, office computing skill, as well as information secure.

IELTS and Cambridge Exam preparation programs

Being one of the 2 official IELTS off-site test centers in Da Nang provides LTC confidence in introducing to learners the optimal learning routine which helps individuals reach the expected scores for the purpose of learning, job promotion, and oversea studying or working. LTC is currently offerring IELTS and Cambridnge exam preparation courses at different levels.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an international English language testing system used to assess the language proficiency of people who want to use English for study or working abroad in English-speaking environment. At LTC, students will be seated in appropriate classes based on the results of their placement test. As a level-based program, test preparation courses allocates an optimum ratio between the number of domestic and foreign lecturers involved. For example, at the first level of Pre-IELTS 1, 100% of Vietnamese will be teaching and to the IELTS level of 6.5-7.0 +, students will study fully with foreign lecturers. With this program, LTC places only 8-20 students in one class to ensure maximum care and maximum efficiency for each individual. In addition, to develop their English language skills, students can apply for the IELTS specific skills development course at a four-hour-a-week length. In particular, students will study with Vietnamese instructors in Writing classes and foreign teachers in Speaking classes.

Meanwhile, Cambridge University Certificate has been increasingly popular in Vietnam as well as in the world and since it is used to evaluating the English level of students or personnel by many universities and companies. LTC Center offer two different program for 2 type of students including Cambridge for Young Learners (YLE levels as Starters, Movers, and Flyers) and Cambridge for Adults. KET, PET, FCE and CAE are recognized as English proficiency by many universities around the world, the exist requirement for English majored students by the universities around Vietnam. Vietnamese teachers who teach English K1-12 have to obtain this certificate due to the levels they teach.

CCNA Training Program

For those who are interested in Information Security and Network Administration, gaining the CCNA International Certificate is an indispensable step on the journey to build their career. CCNA is the starting point in the world of Cisco's network infrastructure in particular and the standard network infrastructure of the whole world in general.

In order for the trainees to achieve this important certification, the LTC has designed a quality training and preparation program in line with industry standards. Network engineers who receive the CCNA certificate can master the following skills: analyze existing agency / business requirements and implement responsive response through network and system design; build a WAN system that links affiliates (agencies / companies) together; operate efficiently the routing system as well as switches, resulting in the best system performance; build essential networking and technical services to enhance user convenience and achieve high performance in business operations.

More specifically, at the end of the course, students will be able to design a network of at least 150 users with between 3 to 5 branches operating in parallel. Selecting LTC Centers to study and prepare for the CCNA, students can be assured of a 100% completion rate when fully attending all classes and passing internal examinations. The Exam Preparation Course is designed by CCNA, CCNP, CCIE and CCNA certified CCNA V.6.0 with 9 hours per week.

MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Training Program 

MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Training Program ensures that students have the necessary office computing skills to compete in the labor market with the end goal of being awarded for international MOS certification. Students will learn and practice on the Microsoft Office 2010/2013 system and prepare for the real-time patent exam software, or continue to familiarize themselves with the test format before the test.

Achieving the MOS Certificate, the certificate that is always considered the international benchmark for the Office of Information Technology with an indefinite amount of value, participants will be able to fully reassure themselves in starting new employment plans in the future.